[RESULTS — Conemunity Poll #4] BitCone (CONE) Distribution to (MOON) Hodlers Re-allocation

2 min readFeb 19, 2023

Hey Coners, the results are in!

After what has been the closest Polls this sub has ever seen, the 6,100,000,000 BitCones (CONE) previously allocated to (MOON) holders via the 1st and 2nd Conemunity Polls have now been voted to be Re-allocated to the Top Voted Option:

Option 5. Distribute to Gen 3 Avatars:

Similar to the Gen 1 and Gen 2 BitCone Airdrops, wallets that own any Avatar from the Gen 3 shop will get an equal distribution of (CONE) tokens for each Gen 3 Avatar owned. (Submitted by u/junkwatch)

If any of the Gen 3 Avatars contain a new Cone Trait (similar to how Gen 2 has GlowCones), we will conduct an additional Poll to determine if they should receive a larger portion of the distribution.

This option won by just 1 single vote, over the 2nd Place Option:

Option 1. BitCone Mining Fund

Since the Gen 3 Avatar launch could happen any time in the future, the funds will not be distributed until such time that Gen 3 is released by Reddit.

As suggested by some Coners, if there is a Cone Trait featured in Gen 3 Avatars, we will conduct an additional Poll to determine if owners of the Gen 3 Cones will be eligible to receive a larger portion, equal portion, or the entirety of the Allocation for Gen 3 Avatars.

If you would like more information about the previous distributions and upcoming ones please read , or leave any questions you may have in the comments! :)

Due to the closeness of the 2 prevailing options in the Poll, and the inability to change a vote once submitted, if the Conemunity would like to conduct a Tie-breaker Poll and include additional options suggested by the Conemunity (such as “Airdropping to All LP Hodlers” among others) we could do that.

Otherwise, the 6.1 Billion BitCone (CONE) will be allocated to Gen 3 Avatars after release.

*Please voice your opinions in the r/ConeHead Result Post! *

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BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.