[Guide] How to Pool & Stake V3 Liquidity on Quickswap.exchange

4 min readSep 12, 2023

BitCones (CONE) LP Staking Rewards distributed through GAMMA Farms on the Polygon Network DEX — Quickswap.exchange!

Initially BitCone (CONE) Farm Rewards on QuickSwap will be distributed exclusively to (WETH/CONE) V3 Gamma LP (Wide)

In order to receive LP Staking Rewards (on top of Swap Fees) Coners will need to dismantle their V2/V3 LP and resupply Liquidity through the V3 Gamma (Wide) LP.

Liquidity must be added as V3 “Gamma” “Wide” Range Liquidity in order to Stake in the (CONE/ETH) LP Farm & Earn (CONE).

If you are providing V2 Liquidity to a (CONE) Pair aside from (WETH/CONE) you will need to dismantle your V2 Liquidity. Swap your MATIC for WETH (ETH). Then Re-Add your Liquidity in V3.

This post will Guide you through the process of Adding Gamma Liquidity & (CONE) LP Staking!

Provide Liquidity for (CONE/wETH) V3 Gamma (Wide) Pool on Quickswap using this link:


  1. Connect your Wallet to Quickswap.exchange and Select “Enter App

2. Once inside the Dapp, select from the Bottom Menu “Pool”

3. Find your Liquidity Positions under V2 or V3 and dismantle it.

You will then create a new V3 Gamma (CONE/ETH) LP, which will have Automated Range Management.

In order to Stake LP you must provide Gamma “Wide” Liquidity.

This means you will be providing Gamma V3 Liquidity, which have Automated Range Adjustments, unlike traditional V3 Single Range Liquidity.
This automation also leads to higher earnings from Swap Fees!

Select the (CONE/ETH) Pair to add to the Liquidity Pool

Next Select the “AutoMatic” Range, powered by GAMMA

Then select the “Wide” Strategy, which will be for our BitCone Farm

7. Once the desired Range has been selected, you may set the Amount of Tokens you’d like to add to the Liquidity Pool

Approve the Transaction in your Wallet for each of the Tokens to be added to the V3 Gamma LP

8. Press “Next” to set the amount you may send to the Smart Contract

9. Now Approve the Contract to add your Tokens to the LP

10. Select Preview to view your new V3 Gamma LP

Then “Confirm” and Approve the Transaction from your Wallet

11. Once the Gamma Liquidity is added it will appear below “My Pools” under “Gamma”.

There you can add to, or remove your Liquidity Position

How to Stake your V3 Gamma LP in Farms to Earn (CONE)

  1. Select the “Farm” page from the Menu

2. The page will be on Gamma Farms by default.

Search “Cone” to find the Gamma Farm for (CONE/ETH)

3. Expand the Farm, select your desired amount of LP to Stake or Max, to start Stacking CONE Rewards!

4. Approve the Contract to Stake your V3 Gamma LP in the Farm

5. After the transaction is confirmed you will now need to select “Stake LP Tokens” and Confirm the Transaction in your Wallet

6. Once deposited you will begin earning BitCones every second, based on your percentage of the total Liquidity Pool that is Staked in the Farm!

Rewards can be claimed at any time by initiating the “Claim” Transaction and paying the Gas fees

How to Remove your Tokens from Liquidity

  1. Unstake your LP Tokens from the Farm

2. Open your V3 GammaLiquidity Position under “Pools” and select “Withdraw”

2. Select the Percentage of the Liquidity Position you would like to remove, or select 100% to remove your entire Position. Click “Withdraw”, and “Confirm” the following transaction to remove your Position from the Liquidity Pool

BitCone (CONE) Smart Contract Address:


*Let us know if you have any questions or difficulties, we’ll do my best to help!




BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.