Gen 2 (Spooky Season) BitCone Airdrop Snapshot on Coneukkah! (Dec. 18th)

2 min readDec 12, 2022

Quick Snapshot Announcement!

On Coneukkah (the 18th of Dec.) at a random hour, a Snapshot will be taken on each of the 27 Gen 2 (Spooky Season) Reddit Avatar Collections.

This Snapshot will index any Addresses which own an NFT from any of the Spooky Season x Reddit Avatars Collections, as well as how many Gen 2 Avatars in total the Wallet owns.

The Airdrop allocation to Gen 2 Avatars is 12,200,000,000 BitCones (CONE).

(As decided on via a vote in the [ Conemunity Poll #2])

The following Spooky Season x Reddit Collections will be included in the Snapshot:

Gen 2 — Spooky Season Collections

The Gen 2 BitCone (CONE) Airdrop will take place on CONEMAS! (25th of Dec.)

P.S. As a reminder: if you want to conetribute to Strengthening the Conemunity Owned (CONE/wETH) Liquidity Pool (without putting your tokens in LP yourself), please conesider purchasing one of the 80 remaining Golden Cone NFT on OpenSea, Listed at 0.0266 (wETH):


  • On Coneukkah (the 18th of Dec.) a Snapshot will be taken of the 27 Spooky Season Collection Smart Contracts, indexing all the wallets and how many Gen 2 Avatars they own.
  • 1 week later, 12,200,000,000 BitCone (CONE) will be Distributed via an Airdrop event, to Gen 2 (Spooky Season) Avatar owners on Conemas! (the 25th of Dec.)

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BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.