Earn $CONE with Karma — Introducing BitCone Mining!

1 min readMay 6, 2023

What is Bitcone Mining?

  • Bitcone Mining is a conetent monetization platform that incentivizes user engagement
  • Users get paid 100 Bitcone for every upvote they earn on posts submitted within r/Coneheads
  • Mentions of our sponsors will TRIPLE your rewards. Our first official sponsor is FirstMate Market Place
  • Rewards are paid out once the post is 24 hours old

How do I use my Bitcone Mining Rewards?

  • Bitcone Rewards are stored off-chain to reduce transactions fees
  • Bitcone Rewards can be redeemed to your on-chain vault wallet once a week
  • Comment reply the command !withdraw (amount) — Example….

!withdraw 6080

What can I do with my Bitcone?

!tip 2663

Note: We are back dating rewards for the last 1000 posts on r/Coneheads (API limitations)

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BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.