[Cute Cone Club] Mint is LIVE! (Comment Your Address to Enter NFT & BitCone GIVEAWAY) — Merry Conemas Eve ❤

4 min readDec 25, 2022

This Conemas Eve marks the Launch of the Cute Cone Club NFT Collection!

Intro: Before we celebrate Conemas and the BitCone Airdrop for all Spooky Season (Gen 2) Avatar owners, we are launching the Cute Cone Club NFT Collection, featuring 420 of the Cutest Coners you’ve ever seen!

A lot of effort has gone into making these, and each Cute Cone has its very own uniquely generated appearance, containing a variety of Rare Traits including Cone Type, Cone Ornaments, Cone Toppers, and even more unexpected surprises! Funds Raised with this Collection Mint will be Allocated to supporting & Developing BitCone in impactful ways! The Cute Cone Club consists of 420 Cute Coner NFT!

These NFT are mintable as voted on by the Conemunity via the Mint Price Poll, at the price of 0.01 (wETH) per Cute Cone Minted. Thus helping to support BitCone’s Future Developments as well as Strengthening the Liquidity Pool*. ^^*

[ Each address will be able to Mint up to 10 NFT]

The Mint will commence for 48 Hours (or when all 420 are minted), after which the Unique Cute Cone Club NFT Images & Traits will be Revealed on Opensea!

21 Cute Cone Club NFT have been reserved to be distributed via a RAFFLE to randomly selected Coners who leave their Polygon Address in the Comments!

As an additional BONUS I will also be distributing some BitCones (CONE) (from my own personal tokens1) Upvote this Post 2) Comment your Polygon Wallet Address below! ) to EVERYONE who leaves a comment with their Polygon Address on this Post! ^^ (**as long as your account meets the undisclosed minimum age and karma reqs to avoid alts and bots)

In order to Enter the Giveaway:

[*There are no BitCone, Avatar, or NFT requirements in order to enter this Raffle, so everyone is eligible!]

The Giveaway & Airdrop NFT will be distributed following the End of the Mint Period!

AIRDROP to (CONE) Hodlers!

  1. Select “ Connect Wallet” and Connect your web3 wallet.

2. Select your wallet that has (MATIC) for Gas fees and (wETH) to Mint

3. Use the Slider to select the amount of Cute Cone Club NFT you wish to Mint. Then Press “Approve WETH” and conefirm the transaction.

4. Once it’s conefirmed, Press “MINT” and conefirm the transaction to Mint your Cute Coners!

5. View your newly Minted Cute Cone Club NFT in OpenSea!

(Traits and Images will be revealed once the mint ends in 48 hours)

21 Cute Coners have also been reserved to be distributed for as a Free Airdrop Giveaway to the top 21 BitCone (CONE) Hodler addresses, out of the almost 18,000 (CONE) holders!

Once the Mint ends after 48 hours (or once all 420 Cute Coners are minted), the Traits and Unique NFT Images will be Revealed to everyone on OpenSea! :D

Minted NFT will present the same image until the REVEAL!

[Giveaway & Airdrop NFT winners will be announced and distributed after the Mint Ends and traits are Revealed]

Cute Cone Club Utilities?

Yes! ^^

Utility is a very important part of the vision we have for BitCone (CONE) and the associated NFT collections, and in the near future BitCone Dapps will be deployed on the Polygon Network, bringing with them new utilities and uses for (CONE)!

Owning a Cute Cone Club — [Conemas] NFT in your wallet will grant you White List access to future Mints that may occur, as well as Additional Bonuses! With the very first being Utility within the upcoming [AI Image Generator & NFT Minter] Dapp coming out soon! ^^

And don’t forget Conemas is Coming Tomorrow, along with the Gen 2 (Spooky Season) BitCone Airdrop! :D

Mint a Cute Cone Club NFT →>> HERE <<<

Hope you consider getting a Cute Coner and join the illustrious Cute Cone Club to support (CONE)! ❤

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BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.