[CONESGIVING DAY] The BitCone (CONE) Airdrop has been sent out to all Gen 1 Avatar Owners!

2 min readNov 24, 2022

Happy Conesgiving day to all the Coners, new and old! ^^

The BitCone (CONE) Airdrop for Gen 1 has officially been sent out!

This Airdrop was based on the Snapshot taken of the Polygon blockchain at the block height of 35,942,663 to index the owners of the 44,595 Reddit Collectible NFT Avatars in the 29 Gen 1 Avatar Collections.

As decided in the [Conemunity Poll #2], 30% of the remaining BitCone supply, or 36,600,000,000 (36.6 Billion) BitCones (CONE) were voted to be distributed among the owners of all Gen 1 Reddit NFT Avatars.

As such, each of the 17,587 Wallet Addresses holding 1 or More Gen 1 Avatar, have receive 820,719 BitCones (CONE) per Gen 1 Reddit Avatar NFT, owned during the Snapshot.

Spread the CONE ❤

Some useful links to share with any new Coners! :D

How to Add BitCone (CONE) to MetaMask:

Guide — Add BitCone (CONE) to MetaMask

How to Buy/Sell BitCone (CONE) on Quickswap:


How to Provide/Remove Liquidity from the (CONE/wETH) Liquidity Pool:

Guide — Buy BitCone / Add Liquidity

View the BitCone (CONE) Price Chart:

BitCone (CONE/wETH) — Price Chart

Cone Lore: The History of Cone Head & BitCone:

Cone Lore: The History of Cone Head & BitCone


There are still 81 Golden Cone NFT Available for purchase if you want to conetribute to the CONE/wETH Liquidity Pool without putting your tokens in LP yourself, conesider purchasing a Golden Cone NFT on OpenSea listed at 0.0266 (wETH).

[After Fees: 50% will be used to purchase BitCone (CONE) on the Quickswap open market, then 50% will be used to pair (CONE/wETH) LP and strengthen the Conemunity Liquidity Pool further!]





BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.