[Cone Lore: Wanderers] — NFT Airdropped to (CONE) LP Providers!

Along with a surprise [Cone Lore: Cone vs. Viking WAR] NFT for BitCone (CONE) Hodlers!

3 min readFeb 7, 2023
Cone Lore: Wanderer / Cone vs. Viking War

This Month’s Cone Lore: NFT Have Been Airdropped!

Cone Lore: Wanderer

View the Cone Lore: Conellection on OpenSea:


Today marks the 3 Month Anniversary of BitCone (CONE) tokens being tradable on the Decentralized Exchange — Quickswap!

In celebration, any Wallet contributing 2,663,000 BitCone or more to any CONE LP have received this Month’s Cone Lore Airdrop!

These Special non-Avatar NFT are meant to commemorate all the beloved Coners who conetinue to conetribute to the BitCone (CONE) Liquidity Pools. ❤

Recipients of this month’s Cone Lore NFT will include owners of the (wETH-CONE), (wMATIC-CONE), as well as the (USDC-CONE) LP Pair.

Each address may only receive 1 “Cone Lore: Wanderer” NFT per address.

A Special Cone Lore: NFT has also been Airdropped

Cone Lore: Cone vs. Viking War

To commemorate the Cone vs. Viking (Knoo) War being reignited, we have also Airdropped the [Cone Lore: Cone vs. Viking War] NFT to any Wallet Addresses holding at least 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion+) BitCone tokens!

Cone Lore: Cone vs. Viking WAR on OpenSea

[If you have received any Cone Lore: NFT, it will be located under your “Hidden” folder in OpenSea.]

These NFT along with other Official CONE Conellections will each provide exclusive utility to their owners within future BitCone Dapps, some of which are close to release than you may think!

So conesider hodling onto them. :D


Several weeks ago I have received notification from Reddit that my account u/ecobuddies is permanently suspended from Reddit. :/

This was due to a mistakingly leaving a comment from an alt account in r/cryptocurrency, after already being banned from their sub when BitCone first began.

Reddit considered this an attempt to “circumvent a subReddit ban”, leading to my account’s permanent suspension.

I’m not sure what more I can do in this situation from my end, as I’ve tried reasoning with r/cryptocurrency Mods to remove the initial ban from several months ago that lead to this suspension, but they have continued to refuse.

I’ve already attempted to appeal this site-wide suspension with Reddit directly, but was denied so far, along with attempts from my fellow Mods to reach out to Reddit Modsupport on my behalf.

But we were informed that any appeals on my behalf vetting for me could potentially help reinstate my account. So I appreciate any and all help in sending a Modmail to request the unsuspension of u/ecobuddies.

So if you feel the conetributions of u/ecobuddies to the Coner & Avatar Communities shouldn’t be removed from Reddit, please conesider messaging Reddit on my behalf at this hyperlink: https://www.reddit.com/appeal.

For now I will continue to move forward using the Official CONE channels:

@BitCone_CONE Medium & Twitter

These will be my main forms of conemunications with the Conemunity for the time being. (and I’d really appreciate if anyone wouldn’t mind cross-posting these Blog Posts, or Tweets in r/ConeHeads on my behalf)

Miss you all & keep Spreading the CONE ❤

More Updates to Come Soon!




BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.