A Snapshot of Gen 1 Avatars has been taken — BitCone (CONE) Airdrop to take place on the 24th of Nov.

2 min readNov 23, 2022
Image by u/satoshinakamotors

Today a Snapshot was taken on the Polygon blockchain (at the block height of 35,942,663) to index the owners of the 44,595 Reddit Collectible NFT Avatars in the Gen 1 Collections.

As decided in the [Conemunity Poll #2], 30% of the remaining BitCone supply, or 36,600,000,000 BitCones (CONE) were voted to be distributed among the owners of all Gen 1 Reddit NFT Avatars.

The Following Collections have been Indexed in this Snapshot:

  • imagination-station-x-reddit
  • the-butterfly-garden-x-reddit
  • drag-queens-of-big-gay-baby-x-reddit
  • creatures-of-the-nighties-x-reddit
  • joy-girls-club-x-reddit
  • avatar-rock-out-x-reddit
  • protectors-of-the-forest-x-reddit
  • bites-of-brazil-x-reddit
  • cute-cool-and-creepy-x-reddit
  • creatures-without-pants-x-reddit
  • lightspeed-lads-x-reddit
  • growl-gang-x-reddit
  • old-school-cool-x-reddit
  • aylia-x-reddit
  • magic-of-the-woods-x-reddit
  • cute-snacks-x-reddit
  • peculiar-gang-x-reddit
  • gettin-groovy-x-reddit
  • wearing-your-emotions-x-reddit
  • i-quit-my-job-to-be-an-artist-x-reddit
  • baked-goods-evils-x-reddit
  • enlightenment-x-reddit
  • doodle-collection-x-reddit
  • foustlings-x-reddit
  • the-senses-x-reddit
  • the-minds-eyes-x-reddit
  • natsukashii-x-reddit
  • 5-boro-bodega-x-reddit
  • celestial-assembly-x-reddit

As such, each Wallet Address is entitled to receive 820,719 BitCones (CONE) per Gen 1 Reddit Avatar NFT owned during the Snapshot.

TL;DR The Gen 1 Snapshot was taken! Airdrop will be sent out sometime on CONESGIVING Day! (the 24th of Nov.)

P.S. As a reminder if you want to conetribute to the CONE/wETH Liquidity Pool without putting your tokens in LP yourself, conesider purchasing a Golden Cone NFT on OpenSea listed at 0.0266 (wETH). https://opensea.io/collection/goldencone

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BitCones (CONE) are 608,000,000,000 tokens created by Cones for Cones on the Polygon Network.